Gentlemen of Willowby Cycle Club
No hill too steep, no beer too dear!


Established in September 2008, the Gentlemen of Willowby Cycle Club was founded by a group of friends who all live in Yelverton, Devon.

The seven founder members set out on Tuesday 2nd September for what has turned out to be quite an adventure. Arriving back at Yelverton in the dark with about three working lights, four working mountain bikes and two working riders!!

Within months membership had grown and thousands of pounds had been spent on equipment and beer! Competitions have been raced and four annual dinners held with the wives in attendance.

We have now celebrated our 6th anniversary with a record attendance of 18 riders who consumed 6 gallons of beer! Here's to the next twelve months.


Going around Cox Tor with Brentor in the distance

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